Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lost luggage, Cantine aperte

25 maggio
hi everyone. sorry, no pix, but until i get my camera cable back which happens to be in my luggage which is somewhere between st. louis and Offida, there will be no photos. This is the 2nd time in 6 months I arrived before my baggage. There are a slew of things I want and need inside including some surprises for Raffaele and Bacco as well as essentials such as Celestial Seasonings tea, headphones for Skype, and miscellaneous junk which costs less in America and so I help pay my airfare with my savings.
Bacco is back behaving better, but that may be because we are getting up between 530 and 0600 to walk an hour and get our roles redefined ( i am capobranco-pack leader and Bacco is my devoted follower). We took him to the winery open houses and everyone loves him, even other dogs.
When I returned there were 8 hours of work to get the yard presentable and an equal amount to get the inside ready for what we hope will be a busy period ahead. The swimming pool is behind schedule which is no surprise, but is frustrating as we were hoping for a june 1 grand opening.
Today, after our little walk, Bacco and I worked in the old vineyard and cut away duplicate branches and then I harvested almost the last of the artichokes. I will miss them, but i made a nice artichoke, wild asparagus and tomato quiche for supper.
Cross your fingers tomorrow my luggage will arrive and I can update you with some nice photos of cats on top of light poles, growing little grapes and Bacco.

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