Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Hi everyone. My luggage finally arrived 5 days behind me and all my cool stuff is here like cables to download my camera pix, recharge my phone, etc. So, here are the photos I promised showing the pool which is BEHIND schedule. Why am I not surprised?
Also, a picture of our new arrivals who were born in the 500 year old wood burning oven on the back stairwell. For those who want to meet the parents, use google image and plug in Codirosso.
Currently, I am hoeing the new vineyard and thinning the redundant branches in the old one. We are waiting on our full house which is booked for 3 june when a convention is coming to Offida.
I am walking every morning at dawn with Bacco to wear him out a bit and yesterday morning the valleys were full of fog with the air full of the scents of the countryside, like freshly mowed hay and the eventual destination of the hay-cattle. Our neighbors put a contraption on the back of their tractor and helped extirpate our weeds between the rows in the new vineyard and I followed behind with the handheld equivalent and cleaned up between the grapevines.
Last night I cooked a fine steak on the grill as well as bread for bruschetta and some of the lettuce from our garden.
More pix later of the open wineries weekend, but to finish my 5, I put a new pic of Bacco, a cat without a home we saw on one of our walks and the progress of the grape bunches in the old vineyard.

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