Friday, May 16, 2008

wildlife fotos

16 maggio
Here are the pictures of the wildlife I saw and include a mountain chickadee, a coyote licking his chops, the wild turkeys, a ptarmigan who has almost completely lost his winter white feathers and last a little bit of scenery from my snowshoe hike. Today, i am off to Denver again and will see my oldest niece who was smarter than me and moved to the mountains in her mid 20's.
Back at Nascondiglio, we have completed the excavation of the back yard, so it will be a big surprise to see that when i return. also we have ordered our zoysia grass to make our "English lawn".
My poor hands are either really p.,sed off or resistant to the aleve i am taking. Still another few days to get back in form
Tomorrow, I will put some more scenery photos on the blog for those who love the mountains.


adrian said...

Snow in mid may in the Rockies? Wow. It was 97 degrees in San Francisco yesterday.

Dee said...

I just wanted to tell you that your photographs are breathtaking!

Dwight said...

Thanks. Being in Colorado makes it easy; so many beautiful scenes!