Friday, June 20, 2008

Update on the concrete pond

20 giugno
Here are the latest fotos of the pool construction. You can see some progress with the tiling, wall work, etc. Yesterday we finally observed someone who knows how to work. He was lining the pool with the cream colored PVC you see and didn't finish working until 2100. I admire those with a good work ethic. He was definitely a throwback to the hippies of the 60's with long gray hair tied back in a ponytail and a tan like Ray Jones. :)
Cameli Irene is a new little winery in our neighborhood who would love to give tours to our guests and they have a consultant who helps with their wines, Marco, who is famous for Kurni', the most expensive wine from the Marche.
I tried their 2005 Sangiovese with homemade calzone last night and it was very good.
I hoed 3 rows of cab sauv. and 4 rows of pecorino this morning and now am off to Umbria and Tuscany for the weekend with Bacco. Buon weekend a tutti and thanks for keeping Joe in your prayers. He seems stable at present.

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