Thursday, June 12, 2008

pool update?

12 Giugno
Here is a bit of a pool update. The bottom lounge area has been poured and the steps from below to above and then down to the locale tecnica or pump house. Also a little stairway with a step to nowhere was built to arrive at the lawn level, but it is a step to far so to speak and they need to take one away.
Unfortunately for pool building, it is raining every day here, just enough to prevent placement of the tile glue. I am guessing with divine intervention, the pool might be ready the 1st of July now.
All the montepulciano rows have been weeded successfully and next will be the merlot where the perennial erba medica refuses to go away. But that will have to wait for better weather.
Since outside work is difficult, it is time to go shopping for a gift for Matilde's baptism ( the new baby girl of Michele and Teresa, our classmates ) and subterranean water containers for collecting rainwater from our roof to water the yard and for placement in the valley to collect well water after we have replaced the 2 old wells which were here in years past.
The "tutors" or iron poles to place beside every single grapevine have arrived, so we have 30,000 new chores to do. I think we will need some help!
That's about it for now.
Here are pix of our engineer surveying the recent work and some of our workers and always Bacco.

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