Monday, July 30, 2007

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday or The Lost Milk

30 July
Well, Sunday unfolded thusly: I awakened at 0700 to make breakfast for our early risers, then 2 more breakfasts finally ending at 10:00. Thereafter, stripped the dirty linens from #8 and then painted all the wood beams with the toxic petroleum compound 8-14 feet up so the B & B won't fall down before you gentle readers arrive. We have voracious wood eating insects inside. Then cleaned 8, fired a salvo at a new wasp nest with a queen the size of my little finger and 100 loyal followers. We have some DDT product or something which will kill wasps, small birds and naughty children, I think, but as much as I love life, we can't have a wasp colony above the breakfast area. Then napped for 1.5 hours, cooked for Aki and Raffaele before taking Aki to the train in San Benedetto. Back to Nascondiglio di Bacco for a relaxing afternoon and then took in the fireworks display at San Benedetto del Tronto which was quite nice, but it didn't start until today (00:15) and I got back home in the z4 at 0200. The car, I must say is a real blast to drive on roads where the longest straightaway is 100 meters! I took a pic in front of the b and b, but i am not sure you can see the KS plates, unfortunately.
Started again today at 0700 which is where the missing milk storyline enters. I made a typical Dwight breakfast for the early rising couple and heated the milk in the microwave for their coffee and after they had left, I found the milk still in the microwave. I am just too tired! Not as bad as leaving a lap tape in someone's belly, but embarrassing nonetheless! Today we are hoping for rain and that would be a wonderful welcome change! Ciao. dwight the pic is the almost full moon last night and right now i am having trouble loading the car pic, stay tuned later. it is naptime!

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