Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy 4th of July

3rd of july
Today, we finished the brochure, which hopefully i can post here for your perusal soon. I am like the winemaker we met who was so adapted to his own wine, he couldn't sense the sulfur in the wine anymore and it was powerful! I kept reading the stuff I wrote and missed georgeous a dozen times! The only georgeous (instead of gorgeous) i know is my friend from Caserta, Sig. Farina. Thanks to Lynn and Don for their help in proofreading and rewriting my flimsy attempts to literally translate Raffaele's writing from Italian into English.
Today, we met with an enologist who we think is quite good from the Marche and it was scary how similar his ideas were to ours. He is a bit younger than me, but is excited with our idea to try something different and hopefully special and unique from this zone. I just happened to have a wine from his birthyear after my purchase and he was quite surprised as he had never had a wine from 1961.
We will hopefully have everything planned by September and be ready to plant our mystery vines by November.
The agriturismo is empty for a spell, so all you bored readers, get over here and fill up our beautifully outfitted stanze! I am going to try and have 500 brochures printed in KC to hand out to my friends, wine clubs, restaurants with an Italian theme, etc. If anyone knows travel agents who might be interested, please let me know.
Tomorrow off to Ancona which has an airport which accomadates small planes. I will spend the night there as my flight leaves at 0655 on thursday. I get in to KC at 5:20 or so, rent a car and head to the house to start my labor. Luckily, my family will be waiting with a bbq and a steak dinner for me. I will provide the wine-3 or 4 less to transport!
Excuse me for being superstitious, but flying on the 4th was a little scary for me, so see you after the holiday, Be safe!
The pix are from our weekend with the gang. One of raffa and i opening a magnum of champagne to celebrate the grand opening under new management and the other starting up the grill d

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