Sunday, July 08, 2007

once upon a time in america

8 july
No, I haven't died. I arrived the 5th in Kansas City after missing my connecting flight in Cincinnati. Thanks again Delta! I missed my brother's bbq! For the last 3 days I have been separating my STUFF into piles. Pile 1 for Italy, Pile 2 for Estes and the pile to sell. Every drawer has been emptied and now I am just waiting for the packers to arrive and box stuff up which will travel across the sea.
Last night 6 of us ate at a local italian restaurant "Il Trullo" and had a truly memorable meal of Pugliese specialties and wines from Spain, the USA, and Italy. Grazie di nuovo al nostro padrone Joseph Avelluto! At the table were 3 people all within 5 weeks of turning 50. What a festa! We had a killer risotto with black truffles, Bresaole with rucola, wonder steak florentine, and a ravioli which was wonderful and as always there, beautiful desserts!
I brought all the information to print up our brochures here in america, but the costs are 5 times as much here. may just have to print a few, but they are really nicely done, Grazie Cristiano!
As always, when i come back i get to see all my wino friends who keep me eating and drinking well. I think i will have to get a new bumper sticker which says, I am not an alcoholic, I am a drunk! Alcoholics go to meetings.
Stay tuned, I will update this packing saga tomorrow when all is complete. dds


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your posts since you started your journey. Mighty impressive! As a Slow Food board member, and friend of Jasper's, I have enjoyed reading about your experiences. As a travel consultant I am intrigued by your B&B and hope to get more information for all my Italianophiles. We have to get them out of Tuscany for a change!
Keep is a great (grape) escape!
Mariann Vandenberg
Travels With Taste

Dwight said...

Thanks for the wonderful advice for everyone... Come to the Marche!! hopefully, i will be able to leave some brochures here in Kansas City with my friends Jasper, Joe, Jake and others to give people a good idea of our wonderful area. Stay tuned also for (eu)(it) which hopefully will be up and running and with some corrections inside a week's time. Thanks for the comment! I love knowing someone actually reads my crazy stuff. dwight