Sunday, July 15, 2007

uhaul and 750 miles

15 luglio
What a few days! I thought I was going to have to drive out to Colorado solo but to the rescue came my friend Larry Cordell, tired after a week's work as an orthopedic surgeon, but willing to tough out the long slog across Kansas and eastern Colorado. We made it all the way to Denver leaving at 4 PM CST and arriving about !2:30 MST. My friend Les put us up for the night in our townhome and Saturday we unloaded her stuff and then headed to Estes Park to disgorge the rest. The UHaul you see is a 14 foot model and it was packed well and was completely full even without my wine and jacuzzi tub : ( . I may have to rent climate controlled storage in KC for a while. I have now completely unloaded all the boxes and all that remains is picture hanging. The Colorado climate is beautiful as are my favorite mountains. I am lucky to have 2 wonderful places in the world to live!!
Last night, Larry and I headed back to Denver so he could fly out to KC at 7 AM this morning but we were treated to a wonderful dinner at Barolo's near Cherry Creek mall last night enjoying the prix fixe menu with paired wines. Imagine my surprise to find a Rosso Piceno paired up with one of the courses. The owner Blaire is passionate about Italy, its foods and wines and especially Piemonte, but also is well acquainted with the Marche. I am trying to get him to visit a little south of Ancona his next visit.
Tomorrow, more errands to run before heading back to KC and a round of golf, passing out brochures and perhaps renting another UHaul to take the jacuzzi to a nice storage closet with 15 cases of wine. I need to find a shipper who can sneak my wine past customs in Italy.
Wednesday I return to Europe and try the 1000 mile drive from Rotterdam to Offida!


slowjasper said...

Barolo Ristorante, these people are my friends, David Lynch comes to Jasper's all the time when in KC, he also has a wine company!
I look forward to cooking for you on Tuesday!

ginalo said...

Hi Dr Do-a-lot, From my experience moving from Canada/Switzerland it is allowed to bring (free of custom)up to 300 wine bottles part of your "personnal stuff" with the rest in the container. Maybe different Usa/Italy ? By the way ,before heading back here, you sould follow Dr Ginalo's advice and take this prescription Rx. Gooooood Rest , STAT !!Bacio ginalo
,I'd like to prescribe you Rx: Good Rest, STAT !!!

Dwight said...

I haven't met David yet as he was at Vinitaly the last time I ate there and this time his partner was watching over the shop and I did fill the prescription for some rest last night, thank you. I feel much better today after 8 hours! dds