Wednesday, July 18, 2007

dwight's list e' utile

17 july
last day in america, i sit in the club lounge for delta in atlanta. this is the only good reason to have an amex platinum card, so i can while away the hours in peace with free vittles and bebite. Thanks to all who made me feel welcome at home and who literally took me in as did Steve and Cindy (and one more time Happy 50th Cindy, tell me what it is like to be 50!). Had my "last supper" at jasper's last night with Judy and a host of people i know, like the Flynn's and now Mariann.
I played golf yesterday and now i am sore in places unused to such exercise, but it was fun to recall the sport and i did have one stretch of 5 holes where i was even par. the rest we won't talk about.Thanks to the two Larrys for being such good sports at Lionsgate.
I am waiting for the flight to rome to part and i forgot my leather coat on the kc leg, so hopefully someday that will arrive in ancona and i can pick it up. we are an hour late which will make it very difficult to make my leg to rotterdam but i have my fingers crossed.
Everyone come visit in the Marche! I should be rback there and relaxed in about 3 days!
ciao d

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