Monday, July 09, 2007

Sto aspettando

9 luglio
I spent the day yesterday waiting for movers who weren't moving, I guess. Today is another day, however and I am ready for their arrival. I had a lovely dinner with my friends the Cordells last night after visiting my church for the 5 PM service. My church is one of the things I miss in Italy other than my buddies here (though I am expecting everyone to visit!).
We are experiencing a typical midwestern heat wave with humidity levels and temperatures which remind me of my time in Parma last summer. The AC is cranking at the house which is also a big difference between here and Italy as the majority of people do not have or use air conditioning. Electricity is extremely expensive there, as is gasoline. I noticed regular unleaded is about 3.02 here which compares favorably to 6.75 a gallon in Italy right now.
My biggest dilemma right now is what art work to take to Italy and which to Colorado and which to give away to my favorite charity auctions. I am a big offender when it comes to the George Carlin skit about having sooo much STUFF (you have to buy a bigger house so you can get more STUFF in! ) I hope to pare that down a bit this go around.
Last posting was me in August in front of the wine refrigerator, I have subsequently sold about a fourth of the bottles and hopefully now also the fridge. There is still an 8 person hot tub and a beautiful jacuzzi for all you folks in the market!
Thanks to Mariann for the comment yesterday. I enjoy keeping the blog up, but even more when i know people are reading along!
Ciao, and wish me luck with the movers. Today a foto from Colorado from last summer on a hike with my friends Teresa and Michele and that is where i will be heading friday.

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Jasper said...

I just returned from Florida, we had a great time and now it is back to work, cooking, radio show etc...your new blog is GREAT, I hope to see you before you leave!