Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sea of boxes

Off went the container to Italy with 3 feet to spare and what should i find yesterday, but my desk chair, lonely and left behind. He will have to find a new home in Estes Park! I am sitting in my main room which has a fireplace, inutile perche e' 32 gradi fuori oggi and about 20 boxes full of memories, clothes, and pots and pans (because the house in Estes has a great need for decent cooking implements) In the other room 26 cases of wine, my dining room table and chairs and a few other odds and ends like a hammock and bbq grill. I pick up the 14 foot UHaul tomorrow and will deliver to my good friend Dave, the 500 bottle wine fridge (Thanks, David!!) and then come fill up the truck with the "stuff". I hope to make it a good distance across the state of KS which is flatter than a pancake on a computer model and then Saturday arrive in Denver to deliver goods to Les before heading up into the mountains to unload the rest. I am hoping to find someone there to help me unload!
I have been eating quite well in KC, with lunches at Jasper's-today, risotto with shrimp and asparagus, and dinners out with friends. Last night I was treated by Kevin and Erika to an incredible dinner with a 2 inch KC strip steak, asparagi on the grill, wild rice, olives and cheeses! Incredible stuff. I have reaccumulated the 5 lbs i lost in Italy which makes me look a little healthier.
2 nights ago, I met the wine maker Marco and the proprietor of the Umbrian winery and agriturismo Castello de Corbara and they are making some exciting wines there. If you can find the Sangiovese and it is available at the Cellar Rat in Kansas City, buy it and tell me what you think. Afterwards, Larry and I had a nice pizza at Spin which still entices me with their 1.00 corkage fee and authentic Napoletana pizza.
Tonight, out with Steve and Cindy and we try out Michael Gold's new restaurant which should be wonderful both for the food and the good company!
I can't remember if i mentioned the brochure problem, but they are 10X more expensive to print in KC, so Raffaele is speed shipping some to KC so I can pass them out here, soTuesday will be a full day in the rental car but finishing off at Jasper's for a special dinner with Judy Witts Francini, a cooking teacher from Firenze. That should be a fitting last night in the USA!
The picture is me with my former pooch, Saxon whose spirit is telling me it is time for a replacement in Italy, so who knows, maybe a Pascola Abruzzese!?


Anonymous said...

Michael GOLD????? (Smith)
I hope he doesn't read your blog!
Judy Witts is a great friend and DIVA of Tuscan cuisine.
I will be there Tuesday and look forward to meeting you. I need brochures!
Mariann Vandenberg
Travels With Taste

Dwight said...

OK, I had to laugh when i saw my mistake, ma qualche cose sono guisto, e forse questa e' una. Mi dispiace Michael Smith. I hope to have the brochures Monday! US Postal service willing. d

Anonymous said...

cos'รจ un Pascola Abruzzese? si dice Pastore Abruzzese! second mistake!