Sunday, July 01, 2007

A typical Sunday at Nascondiglio di Bacco

1 luglio
After watching the moonrise you see above last night while enjoying a plate of pasta with zucchini and a little andouille with a glass of nice white wine from Zenato, it was time to get ready for a typical Sunday here.
We had 3 rooms of guests for a total of 9 people, not counting the rabbit. I awoke at 0530 as always with the sun, waved hello to him and went back to sleep until 7:15. I got up and then got the tables set for breakfast, turned on the stove for the croissants and then watered the plants which need water every day since unlike KC, we are having very dry conditions. (Send us some of that rain). The 1st trio ate at 0830 and then parted for Puglia while the other 6 who are staying another night dined at 0900 and then were off to Ascoli Piceno. Cleanup took about 15 minutes, then we went to Mass at Offida and met a priest who Raffaele went to school with in Rome. Back to Nascondiglio to cleant completely 2 rooms which were empty and half clean the other 2 which were still occupied. Lunch, again pasta, this time with pig's cheeks and parmigiano cheese and passato. The afternoon, I have napped, watched the italian version of the kestrel soaring peacefully in the distance, rented a uhaul and a car for KC and the move to Estes and checked flights back from Denver.
I talked with Terry in Utah and Leslie in Denver and that is a typical Sunday here.
Now when the little car arrives, I may be more interested in cruising the curvy roads and the ocean highway, but something about the Doblo' doesn't invite that activity.
The picture other than the moonrise is of Luigi, Giorgio and Raffaele climbing the hill east of Nascondiglio which is plowed and ready to plant in vines this winter. We were trying our best to make a case for keeping the pig at the border of the property under a nice oak tree, but purtroppo, the logistics made it too difficult.
Ciao. dds

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