Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Flying the friendly skies

16 luglio, 2007
I am sitting in the Denver Intl. airport waiting for my late flight to KC. All the house stuff like hanging pictures and placing furniture is finished. I visited my favorite place on Pearl Street in Boulder called "The Kitchen" and had a nice Barbera d'Alba while I finished the book "Pompeii" which was given to me by my birding buddy Mike Cooper. Now I am reading "Good birders don't wear white", an early birthday gift from my childhood friend from Carrollton, K.R. and HAPPY 50TH Kevin. Tell me how it feels as my time nears.
Thanks to everyone who helped with the move including packing, storing, drinking wine so I wouldn't have to move it etc. including Larry H. and Pam (HAPPY 50TH PAM!! Let me know.... etc), my Aunt and Uncle, Tom and Kelly and Pat and again Larry C., my copilot who shares my fatigue and soreness today.
Tomorrow a full day again and my fingers are crossed hoping I will find my brochures at the old house!
And Hey, who needs Craig's list.... the hot tub and jacuzzi are still for sale, for a big bargain!!! dds

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